The secret to strong legs and toned glutes

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

The best place to burn calories in your body is in your lower half. Your larger muscles are found in your legs and your butt region, so by creating lean and strong muscles there, you will be burning through those calories and seeing results faster. So you wanna build and strengthen these lower muscles? Then make sure you stick to these guidelines and you will see results in no time.

Include your lower body wherever you can

The more you move it, the quicker it will strengthen, so making sure you include your legs and booty in your daily movements is a great idea. During upper body exercises like bicep curls, try adding in some squats, or leg lifts.

Use explosive power movements

Jump, hop, lunge, and engage all your muscle fibers as you use plyometric movements with your exercises. By adding jumps to your exercises, you will be exerting all your energy to create that powerful movement, which will burn calories faster, and increase muscle performance and power.

These power squats are the perfect example of an explosive movement that will target your legs and glutes.

Include a variety of exercises

Doing just one exercise to target one area, like your thighs for instance, does not give you the results you think it would. If you sit on a thigh master machine and repeat the same movement, it won’t give you results as fast as an overall workout that uses all your muscle fibers and surrounding muscles. Keep a variety of exercises in your routine to keep your body guessing.

Use interval training

Cardio is important for heart health and muscle endurance, but to get the most out of your session, use intervals by increasing your speed to a sprint, and then slowing back down again to a jog. This brings your heart rate up, and then allows it to lower again between intervals, promoting a fast calorie burn and a boost to your metabolism. My FIT program uses HIIT training to really get your muscles working and glutes growing!

Slow down and hold it

During movements, slow it down during the eccentric contraction, or the lowering movement. As an example, if you were to squat, lower your body slowly, and then even throw in a pause to hold the lower position before returning back up to start position.

Engage your glutes

If you want to make sure your butt is on fire during squats, before you start on them, complete a set of glute bridges and really focus on squeezing your butt through the movement. Once you have worked on your glutes during the bridges, when you squat you will feel the burn and get twice the gains!


Your muscles will benefit from stretching at any time, especially after a workout. Stretching helps to decrease muscle soreness and DOMS and help recovery and you back working them again faster, and also increases flexibility, mobility, elasticity, and control.

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