3 ways to work your legs at home

You’ve got legs… but do you know how to use them?! “Leg day” doesn’t have to be a big gym production – and given our current circumstances, it can’t be. But there are still plenty of ways to get your lower limbs pumping at home. I’ve put in the leg work (ho ho) to bring you some go-to exercises for shapely and defined calves and strong, toned thighs to balance out your body. Oh and hamstrings that hold you up and propel you forward! Add one or two onto the end of your next FIT workout to tone and shape strong and sexy legs while you’re stuck at home.

Calf raises – Just because they’re behind you, doesn’t mean you should neglect them! Calf raises zero in to strengthen and sculpt these muscles. You can do them by simply raising up onto your toes while standing on the floor, or try this method: standing tippy-toed on the edge of a step, using the wall or chair to keep your balance, lower yourself so your heels dip down and then push back up to tippy-toes. To increase the difficulty, hold a weight or do one leg at a time.  Skipping – Jumping rope is a superb cardiovascular exercise… and while you’re at it, your calves will get a great workout bouncing you off the ground. You can alternate difficulty and target different muscles by hopping off only one foot, using tippy toes only or doing high knees. Jumping –  Jump squats, box jumps... any sort of explosive plyometric movement will activate your legs from glute to calf, strengthening and increasing stability in the muscles. Tuck jumps will get your heart pumping and test your core, but they also really focus on your calf muscles, helping to strengthen and tone. Jump squats will make your upper legs work as you drop down, then bring in your lower legs as you propel yourself into the air.  Don’t forget to stretch out your legs after these exercises – we can’t have you making those post-hiking noises again! A good stretch will lessen the DOMS and help you recover quicker so you can bounce into tomorrow.

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