Banish the Bingo wings

Banish the Bingo wings

A few exercises combined can help to tone up those unwanted wobbly bits.

Triceps dips, kickback, plank with shoulder touch, push ups are just a few. Next time you are in your F.I.T Gym ask a instructor to go through some with you.

First up, let's get you going with a simple explanation of what muscles make up the arm (no, there's not a "wing muscle") and the best exercises to get rid of bingo wings.

How many of us won’t wear vest tops or short t-shirts because we don't like the appearance of our arms?.

For a sculpted upper body, you need to work a number of muscles. Firstly, there's the group of muscles that make up the front part of your upper arm:

Biceps Brachii: Often referred to as just 'biceps', this muscle begins at the front and back of your shoulder and joins together again around the elbow.

Brachialis: This muscle acts as a bridge between your forearm and upper arm and lies beneath the bicep muscle.

Coracobrachialis: This muscle is located near the shoulder and helps bring your arm closer to your body while also stabilising the shoulder joint mid-movement.

Then, there are the muscles that make up the back part of your upper arm:

Triceps Brachii: often referred to as just 'triceps', this muscle lays along the back of the upper arm and helps with forearm extension.

Anconeus: a smaller muscle that helps with forearm rotation and elbow extension.

So book in with your F.I.T Instructor and WAVE bye with confidence your arms are slender and toned!!!

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