Breaking your fast

What gets you started in the morning?

Everyone has a different attitude to breakfast. Some people can't start the day until they have eaten, some, (like me) have a quick coffee and then don't eat for a few hours.

Breakfast is one of those things that has a lot of misinformation about it. It's very easy to read about how breakfast "kick-starts" your metabolism, but actually, the science on this is scarce.

I always think the three most important things to consider, whatever your goal is, are:

  • Energy levels

  • Calorie Goal for the day/week

  • Protein Goal

If you can hit these, you will win the war, even if you have to forfeit the odd battle.

ENERGY LEVELS Food is fuel, and if you want the engine to keep running, you need to put gas in the tank. Skipping breakfast might mean your energy levels crash and you end up binging later so try starting with some slow-release food like muesli or wholegrain toast.

CALORIE GOAL Incredibly important if you are trying to slim down, and a high-calorie breakfast will eat up a lot of your budget, meaning you have to be extra careful with the remainder of the day. (I wouldn't recommend this portion size of PB&J!)

PROTEIN The most important of the macros, so try and get some protein in there too - dippy eggs or avocado with wholegrain toast for the win!

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