Do something right now!

I don't know about you, but I am the king of procrastinating. but sometimes you just need to get started.

I find that planning my day, giving myself clear targets and deadlines, and having a to-do list is so important. We don't really have an excuse anymore, my phone is on me 24hrs a day, and on there I have a calendar, a stopwatch, an alarm clock, and a million different apps that can improve my productivity and make sure I get stuff done.

But sometimes, I just simply need a kick up the butt to get off the sofa and get things done.

So this is my message to you:


Take some action and make a real tangible move towards your goal. If your goal is fitness related then do something that will make it happen. That might be phoning the gym to book an induction, it might be booking a personal training session, it might be booking in a review to have a new programme to follow.

It might even be grabbing your trainers right now and doing a workout!

Whatever it is, do it right now and not "someday" because last time I looked on my calendar, "someday" wasn't on it!

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