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Do You Suffer From Chronic Pain?

Chronic Primary Pain - That is pain that can't be traced to an underlying health condition can have a terrible effect on an individual's quality of life.

Until now, the temptation has been to resort to common painkillers to alleviate the condition, but it's never really been the answer.

In a groundbreaking move, The National Institute for Health & Care Excellence (N.I.C.E.) says that patients looking to manage their pain should be advised to engage in physical activity to alleviate the condition – as well as remain physically active for longer-term general health benefits.

Dr. Paul Chrisp, director of the Centre for Guidelines at NICE, said: “We want this guideline to make a positive difference to people with chronic pain, and their families and carers.

“It highlights that achieving an understanding of how pain is affecting a person’s life and those around them and knowing what is important to the person is the first step in developing an effective care and support plan that recognises and treats a person’s pain as valid and unique to them.”

With any sort of pain, injury or condition, the temptation is always to take painkillers to numb the pain, and then to rest it - however, for many conditions, you could be doing more damage. Certainly, there are some times when rest is the best course of action, but this should really only be a short-term solution. The length of time obviously depends on the type and severity of the ailment, but my advice would be that if it hasn't healed within a few weeks, you should investigate further.

Our fitness coaches have a wealth of experience and are qualified to guide you to the best course of action. We work with doctors, physios and health professionals to make sure you are always following the route of treatment that is right for you.

At Fitness In Time, we take a look at all areas of your lifestyle and prescribe a fitness programme suitable for the individual. So if you have any issues like chronic pain, or even an old injury or condition that still gives you trouble, exercise could be the answer!

To read the NICE guidance in full, click here.

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