Lets have a knees up!

A few of us will suffer with a knee injury and with the right help and advice we can help to strengthen and recover. Some of our ladies here at Fitness in Time have had different issues with their knee(s) so I wanted to touch on this subject.

One of the machines people will always think the need to avoid is the leg Extension machine this isn't necessarily the case.

You will hear people say things like: Never use a leg extension machine if you have knee problems. This is like saying never take a headache pill if you have a headache.

If you have knee issues the leg extension is probably the single most useful tool in the gym. As the research suggests, isolated quadricep work might be the only way to strengthen these muscles if you are experiencing knee problems. Your nervous system will simply programme movement around the problematic joint in any other scenario.

We would always advise you as you’ll need to set the machine up correctly and be cautious with the resistance you select. But this would be the same caution with every other exercise you use.

Used appropriately the leg extension machine is safe. It’s unique because it can be used to regain lost quadricep function. This is of particular importance if you have either suffered from knee issues in the past, or would like to avoid them in the future.

Here at Fitness In Time we would always advise you on how to set up and use all machines correctly and if you have a knee injury be sure to get a personalised assessment to determined the right exercise and rehab path for you, to determine suitability and correct application of the exercise for you as an individual.

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