March 2020 Newsletter

Dear wonderful members!

Just a very short newsletter this month, but a very important message for you all!

Firstly, can I just say how delighted we are at the positivity we have felt here at Fitness In Time. As a small business, these are incredibly testing times so we need the support of our community, which we have seen in droves. We have been inundated with messages of support and well wishes, and when all this blows over we will be calling on you all to spread the word about Fitness In Time!

No doubt, you have all seen and read more than enough, but hopefully the one key point that we want to emphasise, is that the people at risk are the ones with underlying health conditions. By being a member of FIT, you have already minimised the risk to yourselves and loved ones by being active and looking after your bodies.

But it is also important that you keep going! Public Health England (PHE) guidance is that for those who are feeling well, exercise is actively encouraged as long as guidelines around social distancing are followed. The physical and mental benefits of exercise are well documented and we will support members to stay fit and healthy in body and mind through these challenging times.

We intend to stay open for business as usual. The team and I have been cleaning and disinfecting everything in sight as often as possible. We are doing everything we can to look after you, as without you all, we are nothing!

Obviously we have to follow the government’s advice and if you choose to self-isolate than we encourage you to be sensible and put yourself in the best position to look after the health of yourselves and your loved ones.

During these times, we obviously want you to get value from your membership even if you can’t make it in for a session, and so we have all been working hard to take FIT online! We will be posting regular content onto our blog, so please do keep checking in there. We have also created a dedicated Facebook group for FIT members so right now, please click on the link below and join us!

We will be posting videos, having online Q+A sessions, and keeping our community strong so please join in, contribute and help us to keep you motivated.

Please click the link below and join our group!

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