MUD FACE MASKS – THEIR BENEFITS AND HOW TO USE THEM What does a mud face mask do for your skin and how do you use it? Read on to find out our top tips from our therapist Chloe… How do you add a mud face mask into your routine? Mud face masks are a great addition to any routine, it slots perfectly in between your exfoliator and your serum at night-time. How often can you use it? Mud face masks can used once to twice a week to attain the best results. Masks are also not only for the face, to get the most from your mask, apply to your hands and feet to benefit from the rejuvenating minerals. How do you use a mud face mask? After Cleansing and toning the skin, pat dry and apply a twenty pence piece sized amount of your mud face to the face and neck area. You can apply with a mask brush or your fingertips. How does a mud face mask work? When it comes to cleaning and absorption properties, mud masks are irreplaceable. Key ingredients such as potassium work by removing impurities from the skin, unclogging pores and absorbing excess oil. When can you expect results with your mud face mask? Results can be seen instantly in a glowing fresh complexion. The best results can be seen when committing to a regular skincare routine. What does mud do for your face? Mud has healing properties; this is down to its high concentration of minerals. Dead Sea Mud is especially known to have anti-bacterial properties. Minerals such as sulphur help to heal and are known for their anti-bacterial benefits, and Magnesium can help improve skin barrier function and reduce inflammation on irritated skin. Which mud face is good for your skin? Mud is good for everyone, however, to get down to specifics here are recommendations for every skin type:

Norm/Dry/Sens – Renewed Radiance Mud Mask

Oily/Combi/Problematic – Balanced Beauty Mud Mask

Pro-Ageing – Sea Magik Pro Crystallage Mud Mask

All Skins/Brightening – Everybody!!

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