Power plate and circulation

I’m often asked when one of our ladies uses the POWER PLATE, massage setting, why does it make me itch?

The basic answer is the blood rushing to the surface of the skin. The finer vascular system in your skin is not used to this kind of action, When the blood tries to rush through the skin it gets held back by these little blockages and causes the blood to collect in the skin. The "pressure" gives the same kind of sensation as an itchy-bite and can make your skin go bright red. Irritating but actually good as this is really getting your circulation going.

Massaging on Power Plate can significantly increase skin blood flow.

Circulation (blood flow) is essential to the human body. Better circulation is also crucial for healing injured muscles, improving oxygen supply and helping to get rid of waste products. Increasing the blood flow to the skin and the tissue beneath can also improve the condition of the skin and firm up skin tone thus helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

So I’m sure we are all happy to put up with a little itch for the benefits a Power plate brings. If you have never tried a Power Plate see one of the F.I.T TEAM next time you’re in and book a free go or call 01246 769600. * Available at Fit Chesterfield gym

Sharon x

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