Reverse Lunge

The lunge is a terrific functional exercise. You work a whole host of lower-body muscles in a manner that directly translates to improved sporting performance. And if you don’t play any sport, then you’ll at least appreciate how much better you’ll be at walking. Frankly, there aren’t many lower-body exercises better than the forward lunge, but one of them is the reverse lunge.

While both the forward and reverse lunge do a great job of working your thighs, glutes and calves, the latter has the edge because the forward momentum generated when you drive back up to the starting position more closely mimics the movement of running. It’s also easy to overstep and get your weight in the wrong position during the forward lunge, whereas if you put it in reverse the movement naturally brings your weight over the front heel, which is where it should be.

How To Do The Reverse Lunge

You might assume that a reverse lunge is exactly the same as a forward lunge done backwards, and you’d be more or less right. Start by standing straight and bracing your core muscles. Then take a giant step backwards with your left foot. Bend your right knee until it’s at 90°, and lower your left knee until it is also bent at a right angle. Then push back up and return to the starting position.

Make sure you keep your torso upright throughout the movement. You can opt to alternate legs with your reps, or do all of them on one leg before switching to the other.

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