We hear this phrase sooo many times and its so sad for people to feel this way when a gym is the main place to do exactly that. Get you in shape, feel fit and great!

The main reason for this is people simply don't feel comfortable going to a gym if they don't feel comfortable with how they look and feel.

This is to do with an image we have of gyms and everyone being body beautiful or big muscular guys starring at you. In most gyms this is not the case and it is just down to us and the way we feel.

One thing I can tell you is our Ladies only gyms are nothing like this and as soon as you walk through our door you will feel welcomed and comfortable.

We are all different shapes, sizes and have different goals and abilities.

The main thing here is NO ONE is going to look at you and judge you in anyway, we are here to help and support you on your health and fitness journey.

So no more silly talk pop in and I bet you will wish you would have done it much much sooner.

Pop in or call us on 01246 769600 Chesterfield

or 01235 537002.

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