Why choose a ladies only gym?

1. Better Workouts  Many women feel more comfortable and supported exercising in an all-female environment, and do exercises they wouldn't necessarily do in a mixed gym, plus push themselves more. Exercising while also feeling less self-conscious about how they look

2. Designed for Women Specially equipment like our Hur air resistance machines are designed for the female figure plus Some women find things like menstruation or pregnancy easier in an environment designed specifically for them.

3. Safety First  While some women may use the gym as an opportunity to meet men, other women say they don't like getting hit on and worry about their safety and security.

4. Support  All-female gyms can feel more supportive for women who are new to workouts or self-conscious about how they look in gym gear. With on hand help from Female Instructors plus regular reviews with programmes designed for all ages and abilities.

5. Socialising   Single-sex gyms give women an opportunity to connect with other women, similar to how many men's clubs operate. Also people living alone have that time to get out and meet people and make new friends.

We also make a conscious effort to know all our ladies names and make it a fun and supportive environment.

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