We have an amazing team here in Abingdon, and we can't wait to meet you!


Personal Trainer


I didn’t have an interest in fitness or a healthy life style until after I was pregnant, prior to having my daughter I didn’t exercise or eat healthy as it wasn’t for me. After having my daughter I realised It was time to get fit! not for any other reason apart from my self esteem and well being. Since starting my journey in 2011, I have lost 40kg (6st 4 )and I am really enjoying my fitness as a good workout makes me feel like I have achieved something as well as motivating me to keep going.


When I look back at where I was 6 years ago, to where I am now I feel proud of what I have achieved, this keeps me hungry for success not only for myself, but also to help my clients to succeed and reach there own fitness goals. From the knowledge I have gained through my years of training I want my experience to help others achieve their fitness goals. I have felt the struggle and pressure of not wanting to fail/ not being motivated… this is where I come in, we will work together to push you to your limits and allow you to reach your fitness targets. Together we can get there! 


Personal Trainer

Hi, I'm Rhianwen!  I joined the team at FIT Abingdon in 2016.  I love fitness of all forms and love trying new things.  As well as the gym, I also love running and have done many half-marathons, and I have just signed up for my first full marathon!  I hope to see you at Fitness In Time soon!


Fitness Coach


Hi my names Tilly and I joined the Fitness In Time Abingdon team in May 2018. I love swimming and walking and recently completed ten 10km runs everyday for ten days, in aid of charity. In my spare time I run a swimwear business for active females and an outdoor cinema company. I would love to work on my core strength so grab me and we can do some crunches together!


Beauty Salon Manager



Owner of Fitness In Time


I have many years of experience in the leisure industry. In the past, I have worked as a fitness instructor for the UK & International Fire Service, a ski guide in the French Alps, and a journalist. I have also managed a number of bars and hotels all around the world. My passion however, is my work as a personal trainer. I have trained everyone from celebrities and elite level athletes to people in their eighties recovering from injury and illness.

In August 2011, I took over the small independent ladies only gym in Abingdon and have managed to transform it into the fantastic place you see here today. In June 2014, Fitness In Time opened up in Winchester. I now spend my days between the two, helping women slim down, tone up and enjoy regular exercise.


I am the only man you will find at Fitness In Time, and I am lucky enough to have a wonderful team of brilliant, friendly ladies around me to keep me in check and smiling throughout the day!

Audlett Drive, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 3NJ

Phone: 01235 537002


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37 Rose Hill, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S401TT

Phone: 01246 769600


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