We have an amazing team here in Winchester, and we can't wait to meet you!


Gym Manager


Debbie Joined FIT in 2012 and is the manager of our ladies-only gym.  Debbie has lots of qualifications including exercise to music and Zumba.  Debbie also runs our weekly circuit class on a Tuesday morning, and loves getting members working at their capacity.  Her Personal training sessions are well worth trying out!


Debbie has 2 teenage children and therefore fully understands the demands of fitting in time for yourself around a busy family life.


Debbie and her team really hope you will take some time to come in for a guest visit, take a look around, and see just how much Fitness In Time can help you slim down, tone up and live a more enjoyable life.


Our routines only take 30-minutes and give you a fantastic workout in a friendly welcoming environment.


Personal Trainer


Pam is our longest serving member of staff here at Fitness In Time.  She became a personal trainer back in 2009 after years as a school headteacher, and she is loved by members and staff for her reassuring manner.  Pam is a fantastic motivator and is great at getting ladies to work to their full potential.


Pam is actually a former member of the gym here before she became a personal trainer, so she knows very well just how effective the circuit can be to help you reach your goals!


Pam loves personal training sessions and writing programmes to help our members work muscles they never even knew that they had!


Personal Trainer


Sandra is our resident endurance athlete!  For the whole month of December 2014, Sandra ran 6 Miles per day!  Sandra has always been a keen fitness nut, and when she isn't running around Winchester, you can find her at Fitness In Time helping our members slim down, and tone up.


Sandra qualified as a Level 3 Personal Trainer in July 2016


Personal Trainer


Abbi trained and worked as a professional dancer including working as a Parade Dancer at Disneyland Paris. Health and fitness has always been a huge part of her career and she understands the commitment and hard work it takes to maintain. She qualified as a Personal Trainer in June 2018 and loves working with members to motivate them to reach their goals, take on new challenges and achieve the best for themselves whilst finding new and fun ways to make their fitness journey enjoyable.


Beauty Therapist


Laura is our principal beauty therapist at Fitness In Time

Laura trained in 2001 and has many extra qualifications such as Indian head massage, eyelash perming, gel polish nails and hot stone massage. She has worked extensively around the south of England in hotels, beauty clinics, spa’s and now Timeless Beauty at Fitness in Time gym.

Her passion for beauty can be felt in all her treatments, so why not come and find out for yourself and book a treatment!




Mike graduated from Oxford Brookes University with a Masters degree in osteopathic medicine. Whilst at university he also received a diploma in sports massage. He will often use these therapies individually or combine them depending on the condition.

Mike assesses aspects of the patient’s life that may contribute to their condition, believing that incorporating advice regarding these factors into an osteopathic treatment session will provide further benefit. He looks further than the presenting condition to identify any underlying causes. He then treats the condition using a range of techniques, advice and exercises aiming to prevent the condition returning. As well as providing osteopathic treatment, Mike has regular contact with other medical professionals, ensuring that his patients have the most appropriate medical treatment.

Mike holds a clinic at Fitness In Time on Saturdays, but he is available throughout the week by appointment.  Please speak to us at reception or contact Mike directly for more information.


Owner of Fitness In Time


I have many years of experience in the leisure industry. In the past, I have worked as a fitness instructor for the UK & International Fire Service, a ski guide in the French Alps, and a journalist. I have also managed a number of bars and hotels all around the world. My passion however, is my work as a personal trainer. I have trained everyone from celebrities and elite level athletes to people in their eighties recovering from injury and illness.

In August 2011, I took over the small independent ladies only gym in Abingdon and have managed to transform it into the fantastic place you see here today. In June 2014, Fitness In Time opened up in Winchester. I now spend my days between the two, helping women slim down, tone up and enjoy regular exercise.


I am the only man you will find at Fitness In Time, and I am lucky enough to have a wonderful team of brilliant, friendly ladies around me to keep me in check and smiling throughout the day!