Your Personal Trainer

Our personal trainers are all part of the first class service you receive at Fitness In Time.

When you join Fitness In Time, a friendly female personal trainer will discuss your goals, talk to you about any health conditions or concerns you have and give you ongoing support whilst you are a member of Fitness In Time. 


They are here to show you how to use the gym, write you a programme which meets your goals, and provide motivation, advice and support during your sessions.

Most gyms charge £30-£50 for time with a personal trainer, but at Fitness In Time it is completely free with your membership!

The Induction


When you join Fitness In Time, we will book your first session with a personal trainer.  It is a 90 minute session where we complete a health questionnaire, discuss your goals, take you round and show you how to use the equipment. Finally, we will write you a personalised gym programme to help you reach your targets.


Our equipment is easy to use but we appreciate that many of our members have never used a gym before, so we make sure you are perfectly happy with your programme and using the machines.

Your 6-Week Review


After completing six weeks, you will have your first review.  This is where we find out how brilliantly you have done!  Your personal trainer will take your measurements (if you want us to, it isn't compulsory!) accompany you around the gym and write you a brand new programme. Adjustments to your programme may include changing your target exercises, technique or adjusting the resistance of the machines.


Your body will have changed over that six week period - you might find you are stronger, more flexible or have better control of your body, in which case we would need to increase the intensity of your workout!


At the end of the session, we will provide feedback and record all the hard work and progress you have made.

Ongoing Monthly Reviews


After your six week review, you will start receiving ongoing monthly reviews. These alternate between:



The mini-review is a 15-minute catch up session with your personal trainer where we take your measurements again and record the progress you are making. These sessions are fantastic motivators, particularly if you have any specific goals regarding weight, dress size or body composition.



Your full-review is a 45-minute session where we take your measurements again (only if you want us to), accompany you round the circuit, check your technique and write you a brand new programme.  It is important to change your programme regularly so that you keep getting the results you want.  All gym programmes should last between 8-12 weeks so it is a good idea to be reviewed fairly regularly.

Your reviews are optional, but we do strongly recommend that all members take advantage of them. They are included in your membership fee and can be booked at a time that suits you!